Friday, July 09, 2010

Hello World,

I'm back. I couldn't write yesterday. Raven had to do it.
She's always playing with the nieces and nephews. You'd
think she was a big ol' puppy the way she's carrying on.
Me? I supervise. When you're boss husky that's what
you do.

As for the Saber Tooth Ninja of Doom, he's so scary. Not.
I think this is all a PR stunt because the little chihuahua
scared The Cat the other day.

Little Keelie the chihuahua barked at Saber Tooth(that name cracks
me up) while he was asleep. She barks, and he jumps like his tail
has been set on fire and proceeds to run and hide under Mom's bed
for over an hour. Keelie is like what was that about. Can we say
overreaction from the cat?

Three hours later, The Cat launches himself from the sofa after Keelie, who is
walking innocently through the living room. The little puppy freaks,
and The Cat announces he is now The Saber Tooth Ninja of Doom.
Saber Tooth was scolded by Mom, and sent outside until he could
get along with the others.

Since then, Saber Tooth has been running around like a nutcase on fourlegs in
visual displays of his daring do like leaping over sofas and attacking
his scratching post. We're all quaking in our boots at any cat that
can attack a vicious scratching post.



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